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Pitch-Dark Path - Horn and Strings (2008)
9 min.

Performance History


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April 19, 2008
New World Symphony's Musicians Forum Concert
Lincoln Theater
Miami, FL

September 7, 2008
Syracuse Society for New Music
Setnor Auditorium
Syracuse, NY

November 9, 2008
Concert of Works by Baljinder Sekhon
The Stone
New York, NY

November 24, 2008
Eastman Composers Forum Concert
Kilbourn Hall, Eastman School of Music
Rochester, NY

Program Notes:

    Pitch-Dark Path is a piece which explores alternate ways of traveling through all twelve pitches and pitch collections of varying cardinality which are the products of a generative process.  This piece is a systematic and process-oriented one that presents itself in a three-part form.  In my recent work I have been interested in exploring new processes that develop a twelve-tone row in non-traditional and perhaps surprising ways. My goal (technically) is not to keep this row or its intervallic properties intact; rather, I have strived to manipulate it in a way that produced the musical result I imagined while highlighting common qualities found within the pitch structures.  Composing the final musical result and composing the system from which it grew are of equal importance to me.       

    In essence, this piece is about the acceptance of one’s state of being.  This could be a mental, emotional, physical or spiritual state of being and the acceptance comes with the realization that any seemingly-imperfect traits are, in reality, marks of a particular type of perfection: one that cannot be duplicated or experienced elsewhere.  This is a quality that surrounds us and the awareness of this idea lead me to compose this piece and its system.

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