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MI(2) - Gamelan and Steel Drums (2007)
9 min.



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Performing Ensemble

May 3, 2007
Eastman Gamelan Lila Muni
Ellen Koskoff, Director
Kilbourn Hall
Eastman School of Music
Rochester, NY


Eastman Gamelan
Lila Muni

Steel Drums:

Andy Akiho
Dave Ferriera
Baljinder Sekhon


Rob Sanderl
John Hain
Bronwyn Wyatt
Kyle Acuncius
Paul Coleman

Suling (flute):

Matthew Barber

MI(2), for Balinese Gamelan, Steel Drums and Percussion, was a commission from the Eastman Gamelan Lila Muni as the winner of the Barbara B. Smith competition for best new gamelan work.
Program Notes:

MI(2) is a piece which explores the traditional characteristics of both Balinese Gamelan music and the steel drum music of Trinidad and Tobago.  I performed in several steel drum bands over the last five years (2000-2005) and have always admired the unique color of the instrument.  After studying and performing Gamelan music last summer (2006), I have been interested in composing a piece for both of these ensembles.  I would like to thank the Eastman Gamelan Lila Muni for this wonderful opportunity and their hard work on the piece and I would like to thank all of the percussionists and steel drummers for their willingness to perform on this piece.

-Baljinder Sekhon

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