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Compass- Viola + Percussion (2009)
40 sec. - 15 min. (see below)




December 10th, 11th and 12th, 2009
John Graham, Viola
Baljinder Sekhon, Percussion
Rochester Contemporary Arts Center
Rochester, NY

Recording of Brian Calhoon and Ashe Gordon performing Compass during a Juventas New Music concert:

Juventas Performing Compass

About Compass (for performers)


Compass consists of eight musical segments of which all eight segments or any subset can be performed in any order.  These segments are designed to be played attacca, regardless of the order chosen by the performers.  Each segment is given a "name" for the purposes of discourse only.  These names should not suggest an order or be printed in any programs or concert advertisements as they exist only to provide the performers with a way to discuss the segments.  In addition to the order, the performers should also choose which of the segments to include in a performance.  As a result, this piece could last for only 40 seconds and up to 14 minutes.  Regardless of the sections chosen, the title of this piece shall remain "Compass."  It is recommended that the performers do not listen to any recordings of previous performances of this work as previous orderings and segment inclusion/exclusion can significantly alter ones view of what kind of piece Compass is and how it "should sound."  While the musical segments here are determinate, with the exception of "Isana", the overall character is indeterminate and can only be defined through the course of performance.  The performance of this piece is designed by the performers and, depending on the decisions made, the resulting character and the way it is perceived by the listeners can be quite different for each performance.

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