Baljinder Sekhon, Composer

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“Sekhon’s Gradient is a delightfully kenetic work of the repeated pattern type, where the sounds of the alto saxophone and the piano are gradually manipulated through extended techniques, especially percussive sounds, to blur the distinctions between them. [The pianist] accomplishes some extraordinary technical feats, not least in the demanding seskhon score. This is fascinating stuff, and connoiseurs of new music for saxophone will not want to miss it.”

                        -Fanfare Magazine, 2016, Ronald E. Grames


            “There are world music influences and extended techniques in his “Drifting Seeds.” It is very effective.”

                        -The Whole Note, November 2015


            “Sekhon’s however doesn’t let anything outstay its welcome, continually coming up with new textures to provide contrasts. …and would be a crowd-pleaser live as there is a lot of theatricality written into the score.”

              , London, UK

                        (McCormick Percussion Group recording of Twelve Virtues)


            “Sekhon’s work takes thorough advantage of pitched percussion for a harmonic exoticism along with rhythmic motility. The soprano part is alternately whimsical and dramatic.”

                        -Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

                        (McCormick Percussion Group recording of Twelve Virtues)


            “Of the three pieces, “Twelve Virtues” is the most enjoyable. The percussion writing is not only extremely idiomatic, it is sensitive and well thought-out.”

                        -Percussive Notes, July 2014, Marcus Reddick

                        (McCormick Percussion Group recording of Twelve Virtues)


            “Clearly knowing the power of sonority.”

                        -Philadelphia Inquirerer

                        (2010, Doug O’Connor and Michael Mizrahi’s performance of Gradient)




            “Honest and energy packed.”

                        -Austin-American Statesman

                        (2006, Line Upon Line performance of LOU)


            “Still, mysterious, animated, haunting, and peaceful.”

                        -Epoch Times

                        (2009, Cabrillo Festival Orchestra performance of Ancient Dust)


            “Loaded with intensity.”

                        -El Economista

                        (2010, Eastman BroadBand performance of Fanfare)


            “Full of magic and charm.”


                        (2012, McCormick Percussion Group recording of LOU)


            “Invasively dramatic textures, beautifully kaleidoscopic timbrel shades.”


                        (2012, Northern Arizona University performance of Colored Windows)


            “Rhythmically alive, dizzying array of sounds.”

                        -Audiophile Audition

                        (2012, McCormick Percussion Group recording of LOU)

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